Personal Branding/ Executive Headshots

Personal Branding/ Executive Headshots

Personal Branding means marketing yourself or your career as a brand. When the word ‘brand’ comes to anybody’s mind, the word ‘professional’ automatically takes its place in the mind. Agree!? Professional headshots and personal branding images play a vital role in personal branding as they communicate your brand message. They tell people what it feels like to work with you even before they have spoken to you and adds a layer of trust and appeal. Professional photography will make your communication more engaging and add a touch of authenticity to your brand as well as ensure that quality is something that comes to mind when people think about your brand.

Another very important aspect of getting professional pictures for your business is, it gives you the confidence to proudly stand at the forefront of your business and own it.

At Akanksha Agarwal Photography, we will strive to deliver your BRAND MESSAGE through your personal branding images.

How do we do that?

It’s actually quite simple! A few conversations will do the job. We do not take you straight to the shoot unless it’s just about a few LinkedIn types headshots. We offer free consultations (telephonic or in-person) to first understand your business & the need for the shoot and tell you how we can help you. If you’re satisfied and book us for the job, we will request you to once meet face to face before the shoot to have some more informal chat and for your wardrobe consultation. If you can’t come in-person before the shoot for some reason then all this is done via a video call. We also prepare mood-boards multiple times until you are fully satisfied with what we are thinking in terms of make-up, looks, set-up, story etc. All this enables us to understand you, your likes and dislikes to some extent and also your business.

We will then strive to bring your Personal Branding vision to REALITY!

On the shoot day, we will make sure that you look your best and feel absolutely comfortable in front of the camera. We’ve often seen that whether it’s a personal branding session or any other portrait session, people tend to explore themselves more and love every bit of it. That is the power of a portrait session and hope you too feel it during your session. 🙂