Nice to Meet You


My name is Akanksha Agarwal and apart from being a photographer, I’m a mummy to a beautiful 5-years-old girl who is also my muse, wife to a loving husband, a good cook, spiritual seeker and a person with hundreds of questions about life. I am not my profession, my profession is a part of me. When I decided to give up my IT career, I was not sure of taking photography as a career. It was a gradual (and well thought of) process. If you wish to know more about that, let’s catch up over a ‘Chai’ or ‘Cuppa’. 🙂

What is my mission as a photographer?

Sadhguru says, ‘Your work is worthwhile only if it touches lives’ and I live by it! I want to create portraits that are emotive and timeless, portraits that people would love and cherish for their entire life, portraits that tell a story, portraits that can in some way help you connect with your true self and allow you to see the person beyond body and mind.

I would love to photograph you and see you shine. I invite you to my humble home studio and let’s create something magical – TOGETHER!



Already Love My Work?

Let’s Make Something Great!

My Awards

Photography is my passion. I would not think of doing anything but creating work for me and my clients that will be cherished for a lifetime. Last year I got the opportunity to participate in Creative Challenge by renowned photographer Lindsay Adler and won Creative Live People’s Choice award in ‘Shadows’ category.

The picture was a part of the Creative Lighting project. Creative Lighting project was a personal project I was wanting to do for long.  It’s a series of images with special yet easy lighting techniques.I wanted my lighting to be creative and shadows to be expressive. Stacey(the model) looked stunning in this light.

I Love My Clients

“Akanksha completely understood what I needed my headshot to convey and worked so hard to make every little detail perfect. She is incredibly professional and skilled - results speak volumes, and I would recommend any professional or business owner to invest in a decent headshot. ”
Laura Maton
Business Owner
“I found Akanksha to be a professional, creative and very entertaining photographer. The lengths she would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended. What an amazing photographer!”
Akarshita Singh
Professional Model
“Had an amazing experience working with Akanksha. A very professional environment with lots of creativity, well-experienced staff, friendly environment.”
Alka Sharma
Home Maker
“I had my first photo shoot with Akanksha. A wonderful photographer she is.. always ready to try new things.. created awesome pics with limited accessories. Fully satisfied.. wish she could come back to India for my pre-wedding shoot. 🙂 Keep up the good work Akanksha!”
Saurabh Dhingra
Software Engineer
“Incredible!! The only word that comes to my mind when I think of Akanksha. I mean, I never thought I could look and feel so beautiful. It was my first ever photo shoot & Akanksha made me feel very comfortable. She is a dear friend, a great person, and an even better photographer, sharing positive vibes all around and that reflects in the pictures clicked. I wish her the best in all her endeavors and suggest everyone to definitely try her out once .”
Nidhi Kumar Vora
Home Maker