March 9, 2018
in Lifestyle, People
As I entered the gate to this place, I asked my client to allow me some time so that I can have a look at the place.
She had earlier sent me images of the location she had chosen for the shoot but all got canceled due to some of the other reason (as I have mentioned in the description to the album – ‘Indian Beauty’). I had never seen this place because shooting at this place was a sudden decision. As I came back after having a tour of this place, I was literally sad and angry. I was asking myself what the hell made her decide to get the shoot done at this location? It was a jungle and nothing else.
I couldn’t say anything to her as she found this place to shoot after already facing a lot of challenges.
I sat there, waiting for the model to get ready and closed my eyes. I talked to myself that take it as a challenge. A location wouldn’t decide that you are a good photographer or a bad photographer. Look for the appropriate spots and you can do it!
I opened my eyes and went again to see the place. I chose a few spots to take the picture at. It was around 2 PM that we started the shoot, the sun was already above us.
The first model got ready and I tried to make her comfortable with the place and I explained what kind of shots I’m thinking of. I could see the shift in energy because what I explained, she understood completely and I was getting some brilliant shots. That’s the power of positive thinking. Had I seen this place earlier I would have completely denied shooting at this place.
Then came the second model, we chatted, had some group shots, took a lunch break and moved on to shoot her. We wrapped up around 5 PM, took a tea break and took some selfies of us.
Had I not shifted the energy, you can imagine the result. Staying positive in every situation is the key. Nobody would like to get caught in such a  situation, but if you do, you know what exactly to do.
Keep smiling!