March 8, 2018
in Lifestyle, People
Cameras are an integral part of the festivities and when you are a photographer, you are expected to carry yours. 🙂
I love capturing people during festivities as emotions are at their best to be captured. In India, with different cultures and religions come different festivities to be celebrated, and the best part is everyone gets involved in the celebration.
I was lucky to live in a residential society which was an epitome of unity in diversity. I don’t remember a single festival been missed to be celebrated. The enthusiasm in people there to celebrate every festival was commendable.
Sadhguru says, the most important thing in life is profoundness of experience and I agree fully with it. There’s nothing like seeing people around you happy and capturing their happiness.

A photographer is a photographer. Maybe the world has defined genres of photography, but true photographers can find a connection in anything they shoot, be it fashion, food or festivities.

👇 And that’s me in the Durga Puja attire.