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When I decided to be a photographer, my mission was to create beautiful pictures and get paid for what I love doing. I always knew the importance of pictures in one’s life & in my life; but as I grew as a photographer (still growing – it’s a continuous process), I realized the power of portraits more. A portrait is not just about beautiful moments captured and memories created but it could be whole new confidence, a whole new perspective, a whole new life for somebody.  A portrait can tell a story and a portrait can be a moment of realisation. A portrait can help you find a long lost spark. A portrait can connect YOU with YOU and a human with other humans!


Do what you love and love what you do, only then you can create a masterpiece.

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Liz's Personal Branding Session - Behind The Scenes.

Jo's Maternity Session - Behind The Scenes.

Yes! You too can look like a celebrity! You deserve it! Get a magazine style photo shoot with complete hair and makeup done by professional artists.
Choose the look you want – Casual to Glamorous! In Studio or Outdoors at a place of your choice, the shoot will be of your dreams! From Styling to Wardrobe Consultation, everything will be taken care of! You will be guided through every step of the shoot. All you have to do is, relax and enjoy being our Celebrity!
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“Akanksha completely understood what I needed my headshot to convey and worked so hard to make every little detail perfect. She is incredibly professional and skilled - results speak volumes, and I would recommend any professional or business owner to invest in a decent headshot. ”
Laura Maton
Business Owner
“I found Akanksha to be a professional, creative and very entertaining photographer. The lengths she would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended. What an amazing photographer!”
Akarshita Singh
Professional Model
“Had an amazing experience working with Akanksha. A very professional environment with lots of creativity, well-experienced staff, friendly environment.”
Alka Sharma
Home Maker
“I had my first photo shoot with Akanksha. A wonderful photographer she is.. always ready to try new things.. created awesome pics with limited accessories. Fully satisfied.. wish she could come back to India for my pre-wedding shoot. 🙂 Keep up the good work Akanksha!”
Saurabh Dhingra
Software Engineer
“Incredible!! The only word that comes to my mind when I think of Akanksha. I mean, I never thought I could look and feel so beautiful. It was my first ever photo shoot & Akanksha made me feel very comfortable. She is a dear friend, a great person, and an even better photographer, sharing positive vibes all around and that reflects in the pictures clicked. I wish her the best in all her endeavors and suggest everyone to definitely try her out once .”
Nidhi Kumar Vora
Home Maker